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Welfare for "Immigrants"
Jared Taylor: Whites Deserve a Homeland (ABC Interview 2017)
Sunday January 21, 2018

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California Brown Power Summit Held With Top California Politician Kevin DeLeon As Keynote Speaker
Israel's Assault on the U.S.S. Liberty with James Ennis
Dr. Gorka Breaks down the Trump-Russia Dossier
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Frank Jorge
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"All Aboard The Night Train"
All Aboard The Night Train
About Frank:
Tears We Cannot Stop: "A Sermon To White America"
That is the title of a book written by Michael Eric Dyson who believes that President Trump is a product of White selfishness. Dyson says that we had a great President in Obama but "look at what we have now"... Watch the clip of Dyson on "The View" with Whoopi Goldberg and in short you will understand why many of us want nothing to do with those who wish to deprive us of more of our freedoms...
Proctor & Gamble Play The Race Game
Frank Jorge lives in Wyoming and Nevada with his wife and his trusty dogs Walter and Daisy whom he calls "the children".

Frank is a naturalized citizen from Cuba and is opposed to illegal immigration, government's over taxation of our people and its lack of respect for the American citizen. Freedom under our representative Constitutional republic
is his desire.
Our Guests
Ray Tranchant
January 6, 2018
Trump offers DREAMer amnesty now for 300 miles of border wall by 2027
By Ed Straker

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1.9.2018 President Trump meets with Senators to discuss DACA and comprehensive immigration reform... an amnesty is in the works... It looks like Trump has folded like a cheap suit ...Goodbye America!
From The Daily Caller Click here to go to their page and watch their video of illegals for DACA and amnesty in a no protest area of the Capitol
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Illegal alien Luis Bracamantes killed two Northern California Deputies Deputies in 2014. During his recent court trial he smiled and vowed to kill more people as soon as he breaks out of prison.
Ray's life changed dramatically when his daughter lost her life to a drunk driver who was an illegal alien. She was only sixteen that fatefull day March 30, 2007.
Tess will always be remembered.
Ray has become an immigration reform activist ...that means going back to the rule of law .
Phil Thiele
This former resident of California has a lot to say about how the State of California has been trashed to the point that its Governor, Jerry Brown, is going to go to the courts in order to seize pensions to fund his dream...