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Welfare for "Immigrants"
Jared Taylor: Whites Deserve a Homeland (ABC Interview 2017)
Sunday April 22 , 2018
Guests Tracy, Ryan Bundy, Dave Gibson
California Brown Power Summit Held With Top California Politician Kevin DeLeon As Keynote Speaker
Israel's Assault on the U.S.S. Liberty with James Ennis
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Your Host...Frank Jorge.......
Frank Jorge
Sundays 7 PM PST
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All Aboard The Night Train
About Frank:
Tears We Cannot Stop: "A Sermon To White America"
That is the title of a book written by Michael Eric Dyson who believes that President Trump is a product of White selfishness. Dyson says that we had a great President in Obama but "look at what we have now"... Watch the clip of Dyson on "The View" with Whoopi Goldberg and in short you will understand why many of us want nothing to do with those who wish to deprive us of more of our freedoms...
Proctor & Gamble Play The Race Game
Frank Jorge lives in Wyoming and Nevada with his wife and his trusty dogs Walter and Daisy whom he calls "the children".

Frank is a naturalized citizen from Cuba and is opposed to illegal immigration, government's over taxation of our people and its lack of respect for the American citizen. Freedom under our representative Constitutional republic
is his desire.
Our Guests
South Africans Live in a
Dangerous Gated World
Land or Death: Mandela's Failed Rainbow Nation

Dave Gibson
The author of replacing Americans continues his weekly report on our program called "The Open Borders Body Count".Dave lets us know who else got murdered by an illegal alien in our USA.
Itís relevant and important to share CiC Julius Malema speech on expropriation of land without compensation #LandExpropriation #EFFMotion
Notable Highlights from EFF Julius Malema Voter Registration Campaign.
Ryan Bundy
Running for Governor of Nevada
Ryan Bundy found himself in a predicament when he asserted his rights under the Constitution...things are not what they are supposed to be in the USA... We are not a free people ... Ryan Bundy is running for Governor of Nevada
Tracy Being White In America ...Ryan Bundy On Running for Governor of Nevada
Tracy lives in California, she discusses with us what it is like being White in the USA under a plethora of anti-White laws...
An excellent video of the Mexican take over of California...the rest of the USA is next. How is this not an invasion??