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Your hosts: Jon Roan, Chelsea Roan, Frank Jorge
Course On Islam
Our rally took place at the appointed time and date inspite of threats of violence..

Many thanks to the Gillette Police Department
for helping to keep the peace.

We also commend those protestors who kept their protest of us civil.
Our aim is to inform people of the evil called Islam.

We do not wish existing Muslims in Wyoming any harm...
we simply want to make sure that we in Wyoming
are not the victims of a 911 style attack or of the many other
types of violence that has been visited upon people around the world
by Islamists who go beyond hatred and take innocent human lives.

Because of all the violence that has been done in the name of Islam we reacted to the openning of
Gillette's first Mosque as any person familiar with the violence perpetrated by Muslims would.
There was not any kind of problem until that happened.
That Mosque...was seen as a threat by many.
We remain united in our desire to have peace through strength and understanding.
We do not want to be burdened with foreign cultures that cannot coexist alongside ours.
This is our home to cherish and to defend.
Thank you for understanding...

No more Muslims, no refugees, keep Wyoming safe.
Video: The Horrors That Islam Brought Us On 911..
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Ban Islam In Wyoming
This is the beginning of our rally...Ban Islam In Wyoming..8.27.2016
Four Americans who brought the issue of Islam out in the open..from left to right..Michael Elmore, Frank Jorge , Chelsea Roan, and Jon Roan
Chelsea and Jon Roan Address the Audience
Frank Jorge's Speech
Burning The Quran
Our pre-rally Invitation Video
Rashad Khan, American born Muslim addresses the audience
Lay Christian Minister Robert Worley On Ban Islam In Wyoming rally
After Rally Conclusions By Chelsea...was It Good?
Gillette Wyoming Ch 13 Coverage of the Ban Islam In Wyoming Rally